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The Ottie SIM is inserted under the Ottie box and must not be removed.
You need to power on your Ottie box and then press the reset button for 30 seconds.
The Ottie box can connect to a Wi-Fi with WPA, WPA2 and WPA3.
The Wi-Fi Ottie protected is using WPA2.
The Ottie box takes approximately 2 minutes to boot after being powered. The Ottie box is fully operational when thetop LED at the front is steady and green.
The Ottie box has a power button than must be pushed in to power it on.
The meaning of the LEDs on your Ottie box is described on the pahe Ottie box LEDs.
The RESET button is used to reset the Ottie box to the factory settings by pressing it for 30 seconds. After that, youwill be able to redo the onboarding process with the Ottie app. The ON/OFF button is used to power on or off the Ottiebox. The power is on when the button is pushed. The front button is not currently used, but might be in the future.
The top Ethernet port labeled 1GE LAN is used to connect your device via Ethernet to the Ottie box. The bottomEthernet port labeled 1GE LAN/WAN is used to connect your home router/modem to the Ottie box. The DCIN port is usedfor the power cord delivered with your Ottie box.
We recommend placing the Ottie box not too far from a window to have good cellular coverage. The cellular coveragequality can be observed on the dashboard of the Ottie application. If you have connected the Ottie box to yourrouter using Wi-Fi, we also recommend to place it in the range of your Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi coverage quality can also beobserved on the dashboard of the Ottie application.
You have to configure your laptop to have Ottie as the default Wi-Fi network (Windows, MacOS & Ubuntu)
The Ottie box has to be connected to your home network. I could be directly to the main router, but also throughanother switch or router in your home network.

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