About Us

We are Ottie, a small team with an idea that was born out of the Covid-19 pandemic. People were suddenly working from home who normally worked in offices with reliable internet connectivity and friendly IT support ready to solve any problems.

All this changed overnight and home Internet connections suddenly became mission critical.

Our heritage as Tessares is providing some of the biggest European Internet providers (eg. BT, KPN, Telia, Proximus) with the technology to combine fixed and mobile networks to boost the Internet speed of hundreds of thousands of households. Having more than one connection to the Internet not only boosts the speed of your connection but also the reliability. We had the idea to make this capability available to employees working from home, regardless of their Internet provider or type of connection.

We did our research and home Internet connections are not as reliable as they could be. The average employee experiences 6 disconnections per month lasting a total of up to 7 hours with almost 2 ½ hours per month during working time. We also know that interruptions impact not only one employee but the productivity of the whole team.

Working from the University town of Louvain-la-Neuve in Belgium we have developed and tested Ottie in real world conditions with real people. We are ready. Let’s build your solution.