The Hidden Cost of Internet Outages

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Three little words WFH employees dread: “Unable to connect.”

We already know that Internet outages are frustrating when trying to get work done and negatively impact your schedule and productivity.

For employers this can translate into higher direct and indirect costs.

We will show you how this affects your business and give tips on protecting your business from losing money to downtime.


Labour Costs

Paying your employees is a significant cost of doing business. When employees cannot connect, they still need to be paid.

Unlike in the office, 99.9% of uptime does not apply to home Internet connections. Recently, we reported that the Belgian telecoms regulator found that in one semester, 3.0-5.0% of households experienced significant Internet outages (i.e. reported by the user to the ISP), representing 150 000 households experiencing connection issues in a six-month period1. The same report described a large proportion of the faults taking days, not hours, to fix.


Indirect Costs


Business Relationships
Internet outages impact relationship-building, leading to rescheduled calls, missed deadlines, and slow responses, potentially damaging valuable client and partner relationships.

Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty
A delayed response time can affect customer satisfaction, with 78% of prospects choosing the first responder. Internet outages can result in a negative customer experience, potentially leading to a switch in brand loyalty.


Employee Morale
Downtime causes frustration and overwork, exacerbating burnout issues. With 52% of workers feeling burnt out, internet outages worsen existing problems.


How to Protect Your Business


Ultimately, you can’t prevent outages from ever happening. Weather, natural disasters and human error could always take your employees’ connection down, entirely outside anyone’s control. Having a backup connection mitigates this risk.

Protect your company by offering your WFH and Hybrid employees a backup connection so they don’t have to stop working, even if their internet connection does. Ottie is a recent example of a backup solution specifically designed for remote workers.


Ottie Features

  • Cost-effective solution at €199 for the Ottie box and €12 per month subscription.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • Self-installable in a few minutes.

How Ottie Works:


  • Sits in the background, ready to take over if the internet connection fails.
  • Switches all business traffic to the best mobile network, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.



Investing in Ottie is an investment in uninterrupted productivity, safeguarding your business from the hidden costs of internet outages. Don’t let connectivity issues disrupt your operations—empower your work from home and hybrid employees with Ottie and secure a seamless work environment. Contact us and take the first step towards a reliable, secure, high-speed internet connection.


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