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of employees expect to work from home at least some of the time.

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of leaders expect their staff to spend less than 50% of their time in the office.

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working from home 2 days per week is valued as much as an 8% pay increase.

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working from home has increased by 500% since the Covid 19 pandemic.

The home-working challenge

In the era of remote work, the home of your employees isn’t just where they live; it’s where they succeed professionally. But unreliable internet can turn their home office into a source of frustration, with dropped meetings, interrupted workflows, and loss of productivity.


home Internet was not designed for business needs and individual issues affect team productivity

TVTV Ottie Wi-fiConnected TV ConnectedPrivate use Home Wi-fi Business useSupercharged

Afraid to report

employees do not report connectivity issues for fear of risking their remote working benefit


extending corporate IT infra to employee homes is not economical at scale (e.g. SD-WAN)

That’s why Ottie is essential for anyone working from home, providing a dependable internet backup connection when you need it most. 

Ottie, the internet backup solution​

Assure your employees satisfaction and peace of mind with seamless video conferences, smooth file uploads, and bring them peace of mind in having uninterrupted online access collaboration. When their internet fails, Ottie takes over seamlessly and keeps them always connected.

How does it work?

TVTVOttie Wi-fiConnectedTVConnectedPrivate useHome Wi-fiBusiness useSupercharged

Reliable Service

Provides a stable and fast internet connection, essential for handling all your digital interactions efficiently.

Broad Compatibility

Compatible with any internet provider and ready to connect to the strongest 4G/5G signals available.

Easy Setup

Effortless to set up, no technical expertise required. Our app will guide you through the steps. 

Stay connected, no matter what

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