Never experience internet downtime again with Ottie

Are you struggling with unreliable home internet? Are you looking for a solution to have a stable internet connection in your home office or for your business?

Embrace the peace of mind of having a reliable internet connection: the perfect solution for any home workers, freelancers, online trainers, doctors, restaurant, retailers and anyone thriving for a steady and unbreakable internet solution.

We all know the stress when an internet outage appears

In the era where everything is happening online, your home isn’t just where you live; it’s where you succeed professionally. 

But unreliable internet can turn your home office and your work into a source of frustration and stress, with dropped meetings, interrupted workflows, and loss of productivity.

Get your connectivity insurance

That’s why Ottie is essential for anyone working from home, or for any restaurant and retail. When your internet fails, Ottie takes over seamlessly and keeps you and your business always connected. In other words, it provides a dependable internet backup connection when you need it most, bringing you the peace of mind you deserve.

How does it work?

TVTVOttie Wi-fiConnectedTVConnectedPrivate useHome Wi-fiBusiness useSupercharged

Reliable Service

Provides a stable and fast internet connection, essential for handling all your digital interactions efficiently.

Broad Compatibility

Compatible with any internet provider and ready to connect to the strongest 4G/5G signals available.

Easy Setup

Effortless to set up, no technical expertise required. Our app will guide you through the steps. 

Stay connected, no matter what

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