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28 November 2023

How can 5G help you stay connected when working from home?

Most broadband connections are of the ‘fixed’ type. They come into your house via copper or fibre optic cables. Unfortunately, copper and fibre optic cables are susceptible to damage, theft and vandalism. Bad weather or even animals can cause outages for cables above ground, preventing you from working. 5G, or the fifth-generation mobile network, has […]

2 November 2023

Ottie Survey Reveals The State of Remote Worker Connectivity

Ottie has been offering employers survey-based insights into the reliability of their remote workers’ Internet connectivity . After carrying out these surveys at a handful of Belgian companies, we have determined the following about remote worker connectivity : 85% of employees in the companies surveyed worked from home several days per week: Working remotely provides […]

11 October 2023

Internet Reliability in Belgium: An In-Depth Look

Number of Landlines in Belgium In Belgium, landlines are a vital part of the communications infrastructure, serving millions of homes across the country. BIPT regularly publishes official figures. These indicate that there are approximately 4.1 million fixed broadband lines for personal use: Complaint statistics Each year, a significant number of complaints are recorded concerning service […]

21 September 2023

Internet Outages getting worse in the UK

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash According to a report from Uswitch1, internet outages are a growing problem in the UK with the number of people reporting outages of three or more hours almost doubling in the past year. The number of people affected increased from 12 million to an incredible 22 million (41% of […]

7 September 2023

Is Zoom really forcing its employees back to the office? Not really.

Back in February this year, Zoom was already asking its people to come into the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays: Everyone goes into the office. They have meetings, social events, presentations and training. There is a good reason to go in. All the face-to-face activities are pushed into those two days. Then on August 8th […]

27 August 2023

Hybrid work: The great disruption

As early as January 2021,hybrid work was being referred to as the next great disruption. Looking back, hybrid work was inevitable with 66% of business leaders on the brink of major changes to accommodate what employees wanted. The best of both worlds: 73% of employees wanted flexible remote options while at the same time 67|% […]

17 August 2023

Ottie, empowering remote workers with improved connectivity, now available!

Ottie is our new connectivity solution for employees when working from home. Ottie helps organisations ensure the productivity and satisfaction of their hybrid teams by eliminating home Internet connectivity issues. It’s the hero of remote worker connectivity with three superpowers: Ottie comes with the Ottie app The Ottie app offers a user-friendly interface for the […]