The causes of Internet outages explained

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We’ve all experienced that frustration when the Internet decides to take a coffee break at the worst possible moment. Before blaming those digital gremlins, let’s examine the possible sources of these frustrating moments:

The mysteries of Internet interruptions

To begin with, let’s define exactly what an Internet outage is. In simple terms, an internet outage occurs when your internet connection fails, preventing you from accessing the internet. These outages can occur on a small scale, affecting just your home, or can extend to larger problems affecting your whole locality or region.

According to Network World, internet outages are becoming increasingly common. However, internet outages, while annoying when they do occur, need not be a source of perpetual worry.

Technical issues:

Sometimes, technology acts up. Worn-out cables or a grumpy modem can cause unexpected interruptions, putting a pause on your online experience. Old modems and routers don’t use the newest Wi-Fi standards. Asking your Internet service provider for the latest modem and router available might solve the issue.

Equipment Failure:

Internet failures are often due to equipment malfunction. Modems and routers, which are like gatekeepers, distribute Internet signals to the devices in your home. If one of these devices breaks down, your Internet connection may suffer.

Network congestion:

When many users share the same bandwidth, it can lead to network congestion, reducing connection speed. Peak hours, like lunchtime or evenings, can exacerbate this phenomenon.

Natural Disasters:

Mother Nature can wreak havoc on internet infrastructure during calamitous events such as storms, fires, or earthquakes, damaging essential components like cables and towers. Even a minor storm can precipitate widespread internet outages, as evidenced by a recent incident in Phelan, CA, where a woodpecker inadvertently chewed through a fiber optic cable, leaving an entire neighborhood offline.

Human Error:

Construction mishaps or acts of vandalism can also precipitate internet outages. Additionally, inadvertent disruptions may occur when individuals engage in activities like backyard landscaping without first consulting services to locate underground utilities.


Cyber attacks are another threat, with malicious actors seeking to disrupt internet services to cause chaos or advance political agendas. The infamous Mirai botnet attack in 2016 illustrates these malicious efforts, causing major websites such as Twitter, Netflix and PayPal to crash.

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