Ottie Survey Reveals The State of Remote Worker Connectivity

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Ottie has been offering employers survey-based insights into the reliability of their remote workers’ Internet connectivity .

After carrying out these surveys at a handful of Belgian companies, we have determined the following about remote worker connectivity :

85% of employees in the companies surveyed worked from home several days per week:

Working remotely provides significant benefits to employees and employers, but home Internet connections may not be as reliable as those provided in the office. Employees can be reluctant to report these issues, so we asked them anonymously about their Internet outages at home:

The issues that remote employees are experiencing include losing access to digital tools and difficulties with joining online meetings. This can also have a knock-on effect on other team members who may be left waiting for meetings to start.

The employees we surveyed also shared the negative impacts they felt that connectivity issues were having on their work:

As with any survey, the more people who answer it, the clearer the picture we can get.

The survey covers the prevalence of remote working, the employees’ experience of Internet outages, the nature of the outages, which work related activities are most impacted and the impact on performance.

Get in touch with us to set up your own free survey to see if the issues we have found are experienced by your employees.

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