Ottie, empowering remote workers with improved connectivity, now available!

Ottie Experience
The Ottie box is at the heart of the Ottie solution. It is a 4G/5G modem router that connects your business devices to a mobile network in case of home broadband failure.
At the heart of the Ottie solution is the Ottie box, a 4G /5G modem router that connects your business devices to a mobile network in the event of a home broadband failure.

Ottie is our new connectivity solution for employees when working from home.

Ottie helps organisations ensure the productivity and satisfaction of their hybrid teams by eliminating home Internet connectivity issues. It’s the hero of remote worker connectivity with three superpowers:

  • Reliability – Ottie keeps you connected
  • Speed – Ottie can boost your broadband speed by combining your existing fixed broadband connectivity with a mobile network connection. (This feature will be available in 2024)
  • Security – Ottie creates a separate home wireless network for business devices and then enforces the use of strong credentials

Ottie comes with the Ottie app

Ottie app showing the dashboard, the outage view and the Wi-Fi settings.

The Ottie app offers a user-friendly interface for the initial setup and ongoing monitoring of the service. It provides a history of avoided outages per day/week/month, and the number of devices that are currently protected by the Ottie box.

The Ottie difference

  • Connectivity insurance – Ottie is always on standby, looking out for broadband connection failures. When your broadband goes down, Ottie will switch the traffic of all of your business devices to the best available mobile network ensuring seamless handover and uninterrupted collaboration.
  • Network agnostic – Ottie works with any Internet Service Provider.
  • Best mobile network  – Ottie automatically chooses the best mobile network provider available.
  • Speed boost (available 2024) – Based on our extensive experience of hybrid speed boost solutions, we have designed Ottie to dynamically supplement fixed broadband with additional bandwidth from the best available mobile network.

The Ottie Box

Ottie box

At the heart of the Ottie solution is the Ottie box, a desktop mobile network router which provides the connectivity between your business devices and the mobile network. It features 4G/5G connectivity and the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard to support your devices at the highest possible speed.

Ottie Subscriptions

Ottie has two different subscription levels available for a low monthly fee:

  • Ottie failsafe: Unbreakable Internet
  • Ottie boost (available 2024): Unbreakable Internet + Speed boost and video call enhancement

Ottie is now available in Belgium with more European countries coming soon.

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