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Take your connectivity to the next level

Ottie VPN is not just another VPN, it is your all-in-one app delivering a more secure, reliable and faster Internet connection, on all your device, at any time, and anywhere!

Our mission is simple:
Reliable, secure and fast Internet connection for all

Reliable Ottie VPN

Unrivalled reliability

Forget about outages and unstable connections. Ottie VPN intelligently combines your Wi-Fi network and your mobile network for optimum stability. When an outage occurs on your Wi-Fi connection, Ottie VPN will automatically switch to your mobile hotspot.

Speed - Ottie

Maximum speed

Our innovative bonding technology increases your Internet connection speed in real time by intelligently combining your Wi-Fi and mobile network, meaning no more slowdowns or long loading times.

Security - Ottie Boost VPN - white

State-of-the-art safety

Ottie VPN ensures a more secure Internet browsing by encrypting your connection, protecting your sensitive data from online threats.

Localisation - Ottie VPN - white

Virtual location

Change your virtual location in one click, by connecting to our global servers. Access geo-restricted content and protect your anonymity online.

Stronger together

Stay connected, no matter what.

Ottie combines your Wi-Fi and cellular data to deliver seamless internet when your Wi-Fi’s Internet connection slows down or fails.

How it works?

When the Wi-Fi fails, Ottie VPN automatically connects you the your phone hotspot, keeping you always connected.

Slow Wi-Fi connection?

Ottie VPN will combine both connections to achieve the highest possible speed. 

Bonding - white

Why choose Ottie ?

Ottie provides both a secure and reliable internet connection, safeguarding your online activity. Our ‘boost’ option delivers the speed you deserve, ensuring a smooth experience.

With Ottie, enjoy peace of mind while browsing, streaming, or working online, across all your devices.

Built for all your devices

Use your favorite apps and browse websites faster and more securely!
Available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Windows Ottie

What is a VPN?

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. It’s purpose is to provide you with security and privacy as you navigate the Internet.

When you access the Internet, your data packets are encrypted by the VPN software on your device before being sent to a VPN server. This process not only masks your originating IP address but also secures the data, making it indecipherable to unauthorised parties.

Unlock the world

From anywhere

Though the internet is globally recognized, its accessibility and content vary across different countries. Ottie VPN can help navigate these variations by masking your online location, allowing you to access content that might otherwise be restricted.

No compromise on your privacy


Mask your IP address

Protect your identity with encrypted, private servers. Hide your IP address and your online activity from everyone. You can browse any websites, watch any videos or access to any of your favorite content anonymously.


Online security

Ottie guarantees a private and secure connection, even when using public Wi-Fi. Utilize it across all your devices to ensure safety both at home and while on the go.


No logs policy

Ottie VPN is committed to protecting your online privacy, which is why we have a strong no-logs policy. We do not keep any logs of your online activity or store any metadata.

Thank you for your interest!

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