How can 5G help you stay connected when working from home?

Ottie stays connected to the 5G network even when your fixed internet goes down. This means that you can work without interruption


Most broadband connections are of the ‘fixed’ type. They come into your house via copper or fibre optic cables. Unfortunately, copper and fibre optic cables are susceptible to damage, theft and vandalism. Bad weather or even animals can cause outages for cables above ground, preventing you from working.

5G, or the fifth-generation mobile network, has been rolled out in many areas and is increasingly used to connect to the Internet in areas without cable or fibre rollouts.

5G provides a significant speed boost over previous generations of mobile technology. It achieves this in two ways: 5G generally works at higher frequencies and can deliver more bits and bytes per second. 5G can also take advantage of more bandwidth. Think of a motorway with a higher speed limit and more lanes carrying more traffic. 5G speeds regularly exceed 150 Mb/s, about twice the average fixed line speed.

Why not use 5G to stay connected when working from home?

5G tends to be metered, meaning you often get a fixed amount of data. You have to pay more if you want to use more data. Even unlimited plans have fair use policies to prevent abuse and overuse. This can be a problem if you depend on your connection to work from home.

How can 5G help? 

If you have a fixed broadband connection and a mobile one available, you immediately reduce the risk of being disconnected. You can still use your mobile data connection if your fixed line goes down.

There is one weakness to this:  How do you set up a 5G connection at home? You could connect to your 5G capable mobile phone  (tethering) or get a separate 5G capable router. (expensive). A 5G router will need its own SIM card and data plan, likely with a long-term contract. Switching from your existing Wi-Fi to your 5G router can be cumbersome and not what you want to do during an important presentation.

Enter Ottie

A 5G solution is needed, ready to take over when your fixed broadband goes down. Ottie is a 4G/5G capable router to which you connect your business laptop and other critical devices. When your fixed broadband connection works reliably, Ottie will route your business traffic through your service provider. If your fixed connection fails, Ottie will automatically switch your business traffic to the mobile network before you are even aware.

In areas where 5G is unavailable, Ottie can use 4G. Ottie always uses the best available network. Unlike your mobile phone, Ottie will switch to another provider’s network for the best connection.

Ottie is a self-install solution that anyone can set up without specialist technical knowledge. It involves connecting Ottie to your existing Wi-Fi router and plugging it into a power socket. You can use the Ethernet cable or connect Ottie to your Wi-Fi network. Either way, the free Ottie app guides you through the process. 

Employers deploying multiple Ottie boxes can use the employer portal to ensure all remote employees can stay connected to their teams.

Unlike other 5G solutions, Ottie comes with a SIM card pre-installed. Ottie comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee and no long-term commitment.

Contact us today to see if you qualify for a free trial. Whatever you do, Ottie keeps you connected.

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